The “Why” factor in project communication

How many times it happened that you had a call back from the team member whom you sent a mail for details?Or you call up your boss to clarify what exactly she is asking for.

Well ,I must say that for a team working in remote locations it is always difficult to understand the priorities.

What a PM can do to illuminate the team members?

  • Make your priorities straight. Sending each time high priority alerts can confuse the team and lower the possible success of activities.
  • Irrespective of circumstances elaborate “Why” you want this. The team knows “What” to do and “How” to do it…What you have to do is to make them understand “Why” they are doing this.

Pls don’t forget to share your experiences.


3 thoughts on “The “Why” factor in project communication

  1. Well , truly said friend that we have to explain the Team about the why factor .However I feel that this Why factor also needs to be felt by the team , the necessity , the hunger for achievement also is a big factor and I would say let u decide or select the priorities .

  2. A PM should have a defined Communication Plan with the information and involvement that each audience of a project requires. A good communication plan will also define the vehicle as well as who delivers that information and when for overall success of the project.
    The purpose of communication planning is to take a proactive look at the structure of the project ensuring that the right people get to hear about the right thing at the right time. This is a vital tool to ensure that escalation points are identified and channels to all partners are clear.

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