Everybody says I’m Fine

Once a boy came to the Great Magician Houdini and told him,” Sir, I can perform all the acts you have shown…”

Houdini replied,” Young man, what you can’t do is  to manage the stage”


Most of the times when a functional expert given  responsibilities of project management , they are micromanaging the work packages.Though expert in his own field, often failed to manage the overall project in dynamic environment.

So, the project management training is extremely important even though he is an expert.Rather than telling ,”I am fine without training”…let’s focus on managing the stage which will make really a big difference.…




Are you a Project Manager or a Snake Charmer?

My friend Rajni asked me this question when she met me last evening.  I want to put a glimpse of it to you all.

Why a snake charmer? (I still unable to understand why she coined the term “Snake Charmer” for a regular non-creative Manager)

The Snake Charmer manages the project the way it was run during 2500 B.C. for  building the pyramids.

(Obviously  she was impressed by the movie “10000 B.C”.)

A snake Charmer clutched a group of people (5000 to 100000) and elephants to drag the blogs of Pyramid and additional  persons to whip them(both the workers and elephants) when they were tired. And worshiped at the end of the day to a curtained god (now a days they are called corporate bosses).

 Here comes the new generation of project managers with their skills of problem solving and critical thinking to innovate new ideas as well as flexibility in leadership styles. A  project manager’s success is not only to deliver a successful project but also it should be an effective one.

How comfortable the team with the  PM is one of the criteria for effectiveness. Putting the team in their toes all the time creates unnecessary anxieties which can affect the organization’s status.

The PM understands the priorities and strategic visions of the higher management. So, it is easy for a PM to realize what exactly he has to do for a long term success of the organization. He is also identifying risks to get over the unwanted situations and focuses on quality.

 The most concerned thing according to Rajni is that Snake Charmers still exists (even after 2500 yrs.).

 Now, it’s the choice of a company – whether they will hire a Project Manager or a Snake Charmer.

 What do you think ? Pls comment.

Mr.PM, how close you are to the customer ?


“Why don’t you sell nuts in the streets?” asked one angry customer / CTO to a Project Manager(PM) in a weekly review meeting.

“ I can, provided you supply me the nuts…” The PM smiled and  replied.

 The above is a  conversation of a customer and a PM as the PM denied for a scope creep requested by the customer.

Needless to say as in most of the cases that they are very good friends and take their Friday beers together after work( doesn’t matter who pays for the beer).

Now, how a PM should keep a close proximity to customer?Should we endorse gold plating or scope creep  to satisfy the customer in this competitive market conditions?

Different industries and projects carry their own dictum. But a PM should think from his organizational point of view.Because at the end of the day the PM  have to take care of the cost and time overrun . Even  it doesn’t  influence cost, PMI methodology discourages any kind of gold plating.

Unlike Service Operation there is no such term in project management  like “exceeding customer satisfaction”.

The PM can consult the PMO and ask the customer to come through the Change control board (if any) so that he can complete the task as requested.

Lets share ……..shall we have more own experience so that we can add some more points…