Mr.PM, how close you are to the customer ?


“Why don’t you sell nuts in the streets?” asked one angry customer / CTO to a Project Manager(PM) in a weekly review meeting.

“ I can, provided you supply me the nuts…” The PM smiled and  replied.

 The above is a  conversation of a customer and a PM as the PM denied for a scope creep requested by the customer.

Needless to say as in most of the cases that they are very good friends and take their Friday beers together after work( doesn’t matter who pays for the beer).

Now, how a PM should keep a close proximity to customer?Should we endorse gold plating or scope creep  to satisfy the customer in this competitive market conditions?

Different industries and projects carry their own dictum. But a PM should think from his organizational point of view.Because at the end of the day the PM  have to take care of the cost and time overrun . Even  it doesn’t  influence cost, PMI methodology discourages any kind of gold plating.

Unlike Service Operation there is no such term in project management  like “exceeding customer satisfaction”.

The PM can consult the PMO and ask the customer to come through the Change control board (if any) so that he can complete the task as requested.

Lets share ……..shall we have more own experience so that we can add some more points…



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