3 myths you must avoid for PMP

You can find plenty of advices for PMP exam. Each individual has different experiences and a way of preparation. Also they share in blogs or in communities their lessons learned. I used to find very encouraging and helpful LLs which accelerated my preparation.

A few friends asked me about the preparation part and also discussed their progress. So, I want to share a few myths which developed over time for the exam preparation.

  1. Don’t consider the real world experience :

It’s our natural habit to draw analogy from our experiences. So do it. This is not at all bad. You can’t forget everything what you have done so many years. But also consider what should be the best way to perform the job in PMI’s way.

In many cases the aspirants don’t follow PMI methodology. So, during your preparation you can take small steps to do the things according to PMBOK.

The best way to do this is using templates. You can buy, download free or prepare your own templates and apply in your real world. This will help you to learn and prepare for the exam.

2.Appear immediately after the 35 hours training:

Don’t do it if you are not prepared. Take your time may be another one or two months for self study. By that time you can clarify your doubts by the trainer. It’s not like that whatever you been taught in the training will appear in the exam. There is nothing called dump questions for PMP. You can have the type of the questions but not the same. So, take your time.

3. Don’t memorize ITTOs:

Try to remember as much as possible. If you can’t remember the ITTOs you will also not able to apply it. Also try to find the logic why an o/p of a process is an i/p to another. Consider a process and try to find what exactly you require to find an exact o/p.

Don’t forget to comment your opinion.


3 thoughts on “3 myths you must avoid for PMP

  1. Good advice, we have been trying to bring PMP aspirants to common platform and make them learn from others experience. Will share your advice in our next meetup.

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    • Thanks Saket….
      Today I have completed my one year of PMP certification…
      What can be the best gift for me other than such an enthusiastic comment from a fellow PM and an encouragement for my posts. I am definitely appreciate your efforts for the PM community by oraganizing seminars for PMP aspirants.Pls enrich me with your precious suggestions.

      • Arindam/Saket – I am planning to take the PMP exam….couple of questions…..where do I get those 35 hours of training……I have more than six years of working on projects,only the execution part. I am not sure whether I qualify.Any help in this reagrd is highly appreciated.

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