How to make your network operation Electrifying

After spending so many years in GSM rollout and project management when I was offered a role in Network Service Operations, it was really a challenge for me.

My initial perception was it would definitely be an uninteresting journey. I had to work in a regular methodical ways with a little challenge to face with. The outages are caused by same reasons and fixing things up, work with the sales team to understand their issues and to resolve them.

There are number of engineers, technicians and external vendors are working for equipment, media and infra related issues. Probably another boring job with a Known Error Data base in my hand…

After a few months I found some interesting ways for effective service operations.

  • Understanding the business: I was not aware how the things are happening in the real market.What are their concerns and impact of the outages on business. What are the service strategies and business requirement. These things really helped me up for prioritizing the objectives.


  • Cast the process in a frame work: Though ITIL methodologies are not widely implemented in Telecom Service Operation but definitely it is helpful. It gives a distinct idea of managing the operations. One can find the Event management, Incident management and Problem management interesting while dealing with the outages. It also suggests some preventive maintenance for lesser outages. Analysis of KPI and working on the deviated issues also gives incredible performance improvement.


  • Self initiated small projects: This is the most interesting way you can turn the whole thing on. I am taking up small improvement projects eg. Increasing utilization of cell sites, reducing OPEX which is also aligned with the business objective and service strategy.The data-driven improvement cycle DMAIC fits very much into it.


Don’t forget to suggest how you are making your service operation sparking….




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