How to deal with a team of Super Heroes



Recently a fellow Project Manager from another organization called me up and illustrated his annoyance to work with his team.For an example, he has assigned a task to a team member. But the team member denied and told him that he was not trained for the task.I know my friend is dealing with a well trained and an experienced team.Most of them are super heroes.Now, there is always a difficulty when you are dealing with too many super heroes.

How the project manager should deal with them?

  • Identify Strength and Weakness of the team:  Super heroes are talented. Every individual is good at something. So, identify and assign them accordingly.
  • Encourage strategic and creative thinking: Are they spending too much time on regular work? Allow them some time to focus on things which can add value. Recognize them for successful work.
  • Communicate priorities and Monitor closely: Clearly they are the most confident people so be the last to know they are in trouble. So, monitor closely.