Why I Hate Interviews




So, ever body does….

No one likes to be abused for free… 

I have stopped counting how many interviews I appeared since last ten years and successfully disqualified.

I used to carry a list where I mentioned the name of the companies I was interviewed by.

There are number of cases where I found I was been lucky not been selected (thank God)…

 Still, there are some funny instances about interview I want to point out.


  • The Dress up monkey: The candidate has to be dressed in official. Now when I looked for my formal wears in wardrobe I ended up with misery. After finished wearing my formal clothes I found it was someone else. Now, I have to carry the formal man with a plastic smile in face to the venue.
  • The Candidate: The company is looking for a X-manager with X yrs of experience, engineering graduates from Tier-I institutes with X-certifications.. .with N no. of skill sets-Here is the funny thing. If a man has so many calibers why should he work in your company….?? He should be in NASA .These type of candidates are not found in the earth.(They are now in Mars Mission).
  • The Interviewer:  Now this man has done so many things since last 20 years. He has to prove- you are nothing in front of him. Starting with “tell me something about yourself”…This has really doomed me all the times. I have nothing to say about myself. Really one thing I hate is to talk about myself. I started with my accomplishments, my educations, my experiences. The technical interviews are pretty straight. Either you know or you don’t know.
  • The Uncomfortable Questions: Here come the personal questions which has nothing to do with the job. Where my wife is working.( one company was offering less money as I had not to travel to my wife’s work location).Why I have not been promoted-(because my  other colleague was better than me and he doesn’t need your job).

 I just can’t remember all the bizarre questions.

 Not all the interview experiences are bad irrespective of the fact whether I was selected or not.

At least no one asked me for my Facebook or Twitter passwords.

 Cartoon Courtesy:http://wordsandtoons.com