What You Read is Who You Are




More often than not I avoid writing or comment on anyone’s  Facebook wall.A few months back I couldn’t but write “worst poem” on a Banglore based writer’s post.

Reaction from her was obvious. It’s true that I am no one to validate her poetic justice. I am no way qualified to criticize her piece of work.Still I took the liberty to criticize an art work which I found not au fait.After that I humbly act contrite and apologized for using such strong comments. In the conversation she wanted to know whom & what I read & how I qualified to comment on a work.That absolutely sounds interesting to me. Because those who had praised and liked the poem, she did n’t ask the same question to them.

I reminiscent of the term “Whom and what you read”….

I never have any prejudice while selecting a book. I am a contemporary reader. But the conversation gave an opportunity to introspect. Prefer to look into my own book shelf.

 It contains popular physics (which is apparent for a botched theoretical physicist), ancient Indian philosophy, fictions and design books (which I purchased last year, thanks to Stanford D-school for reference).

I am also interested to know what others are reading. A friend of mine always starts his conversation by asking me what I am reading now.

It’s time to share some of the best books I read over the years.  I am willing to write and persuade some uncommon books which engineers and business people don’t read.

 Are you reading something interesting?  Don’t forget to share with me….

 About the Photo: This is the personal library of Robert A. Macksey, a professor at Johns Hopkins University. He is the owner of one of the largest personal libraries in the state of Maryland, with over 70,000 books and manuscripts along with art work, worth over $4 million US D. He is known to hold graduate level courses in his famous library.

Photo courtesy : Prof Alok Kumar’s Facebook post.