3 Questions that Pulling You back from Learning New Things




The world is ready to make us smarter….And for free….Yes, it is free.

I often talk with my nephew who is studying computer engineering. I wonder what kind opportunities are available now a days. He is building websites, making prototypes and experimenting on new things. Whereas, in our time even accessing internet was a costly affair. So, now a days we have to deal with all those Gen-Y guys who are updated ,upgraded and trained by some fantastic faculties from the world over.(Just search any topic in YouTube- from Quantum Mechanics to Neuroscience- lectures are available ).

The question is- how much we are ready to deal with smarter stuffs? There is also a big opportunities for middle level managers to opt for a MOOC (Massive open online course). 

This leads to groom up the areas of interests. A few courses are with -No instructors, no credits, no charge.

Some people are always freaking out whenever asked for new courses.

These 3 questions generally come up first:

1. Can I make more money from these: No. At least, not immediately. This can fulfill your curiosity. Can make you engaged in an interesting topic which you always wanted to learn or recently developed a new interest. But in future it can help if you take it seriously. For an example: You can learn Android apps development and start as an enterprise.

2. Will it help me to get a new job:  May be. There are number of courses also related to the field we are associated with at present. Even if some skill sets are not required at present but can be beneficial in near future. I got an offer from a Telecom company looking for a Subject matter expert who can help to develop an ERP module. They asked whether I have proficiency in programming or not. I realized that though I not required coding in my present job but that could help me for any customized profile.

3. Will it help me in my future: Yes.A MOOC can be energetic and nonlinear.Those who are learning through  MOOC are likely to discover learning at its most open on a platform.Learning is collaborative and fun.

About the picture: This is a snapshot of an app wireframing through Balsmiq prepared by me for  my “Human Computer Interaction” course.







One thought on “3 Questions that Pulling You back from Learning New Things

  1. Wow, excited to come across someone taking the hci course) Think, you are right with these 3 questions, I often stops myself from thinking “what I will get from that?”. It kills my intrinsic motivation of learning new things, when i start thinking this way)

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