Kill the Lions and Build the Bridge:



Why the movie “The Ghost and the Darkness” reminds me a tough boss?

For those who haven’t watched here is a little glimpse.

In 1896, a construction engineer from the British Army, J.H. Patterson was sent to build a railway bridge across Kenya’s Tsavo River for the British East African Railway.┬áHe had a hard deadline . But difficulties occurred when his large workforce of Africans and Indians started to fly away. He discovered┬áthat a pair of man-eating lions were stalking around the bridge and campsites, killing the workmen for food.Now his boss told him to kill the lions and build the bridge.After facing many challenges ultimately he killed those lions and able to complete the project.

So, next time when your boss is asking to do something difficult- think twice.At least he is not asking to kill the lions.May be she is asking for a couple of rats -which easily can be killed.

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