Kill the Lions and Build the Bridge:



Why the movie “The Ghost and the Darkness” reminds me a tough boss?

For those who haven’t watched here is a little glimpse.

In 1896, a construction engineer from the British Army, J.H. Patterson was sent to build a railway bridge across Kenya’s Tsavo River for the British East African Railway. He had a hard deadline . But difficulties occurred when his large workforce of Africans and Indians started to fly away. He discovered that a pair of man-eating lions were stalking around the bridge and campsites, killing the workmen for food.Now his boss told him to kill the lions and build the bridge.After facing many challenges ultimately he killed those lions and able to complete the project.

So, next time when your boss is asking to do something difficult- think twice.At least he is not asking to kill the lions.May be she is asking for a couple of rats -which easily can be killed.

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3 Questions that Pulling You back from Learning New Things




The world is ready to make us smarter….And for free….Yes, it is free.

I often talk with my nephew who is studying computer engineering. I wonder what kind opportunities are available now a days. He is building websites, making prototypes and experimenting on new things. Whereas, in our time even accessing internet was a costly affair. So, now a days we have to deal with all those Gen-Y guys who are updated ,upgraded and trained by some fantastic faculties from the world over.(Just search any topic in YouTube- from Quantum Mechanics to Neuroscience- lectures are available ).

The question is- how much we are ready to deal with smarter stuffs? There is also a big opportunities for middle level managers to opt for a MOOC (Massive open online course). 

This leads to groom up the areas of interests. A few courses are with -No instructors, no credits, no charge.

Some people are always freaking out whenever asked for new courses.

These 3 questions generally come up first:

1. Can I make more money from these: No. At least, not immediately. This can fulfill your curiosity. Can make you engaged in an interesting topic which you always wanted to learn or recently developed a new interest. But in future it can help if you take it seriously. For an example: You can learn Android apps development and start as an enterprise.

2. Will it help me to get a new job:  May be. There are number of courses also related to the field we are associated with at present. Even if some skill sets are not required at present but can be beneficial in near future. I got an offer from a Telecom company looking for a Subject matter expert who can help to develop an ERP module. They asked whether I have proficiency in programming or not. I realized that though I not required coding in my present job but that could help me for any customized profile.

3. Will it help me in my future: Yes.A MOOC can be energetic and nonlinear.Those who are learning through  MOOC are likely to discover learning at its most open on a platform.Learning is collaborative and fun.

About the picture: This is a snapshot of an app wireframing through Balsmiq prepared by me for  my “Human Computer Interaction” course.






One interesting Quality Tool not included in PMP exam:

What are you thinking? Oh no!! Not another…There are more than 500 ITTOs.

But I am telling you this tool is a fantastic one.

SIPOC:  Supplier Process Input Output

What is it:  

  • A process snapshot that captures information critical to a project.
  • SIPOC diagrams help a team and its sponsors agree on project boundaries and scope.
  • Helps teams to verify the process.

How to create:

  • Identify process boundaries and key activities.
  • Make it a high level preferably a bird’s eye view.
  • Focus on only critical outputs.
  • Brainstorm output s and customers.
  • Focus on critical to quality.

You can find the details in any Lean Six Sigma tool book.

I have used it many times during initiation and planning phase for reference.

Enjoy !!!

What You Read is Who You Are




More often than not I avoid writing or comment on anyone’s  Facebook wall.A few months back I couldn’t but write “worst poem” on a Banglore based writer’s post.

Reaction from her was obvious. It’s true that I am no one to validate her poetic justice. I am no way qualified to criticize her piece of work.Still I took the liberty to criticize an art work which I found not au fait.After that I humbly act contrite and apologized for using such strong comments. In the conversation she wanted to know whom & what I read & how I qualified to comment on a work.That absolutely sounds interesting to me. Because those who had praised and liked the poem, she did n’t ask the same question to them.

I reminiscent of the term “Whom and what you read”….

I never have any prejudice while selecting a book. I am a contemporary reader. But the conversation gave an opportunity to introspect. Prefer to look into my own book shelf.

 It contains popular physics (which is apparent for a botched theoretical physicist), ancient Indian philosophy, fictions and design books (which I purchased last year, thanks to Stanford D-school for reference).

I am also interested to know what others are reading. A friend of mine always starts his conversation by asking me what I am reading now.

It’s time to share some of the best books I read over the years.  I am willing to write and persuade some uncommon books which engineers and business people don’t read.

 Are you reading something interesting?  Don’t forget to share with me….

 About the Photo: This is the personal library of Robert A. Macksey, a professor at Johns Hopkins University. He is the owner of one of the largest personal libraries in the state of Maryland, with over 70,000 books and manuscripts along with art work, worth over $4 million US D. He is known to hold graduate level courses in his famous library.

Photo courtesy : Prof Alok Kumar’s Facebook post.




Retrospective 2012

So, 2012 ends. I survived- not from the doom’s day but from the turbulent market condition.
2011 was a scholastic endeavor for me with 3 global certifications and new assignments in job.
2012 was more on implementation and innovation though prominent failure shines in my personal life along with the failed commitments to my family and friends.
But my never ending quest for knowledge contributes this year also. I dedicated this year to “Design”. Attended a Stanford design school workshop and by the end of the year earned a Coursera certification on “Design and Artifacts “by Prof Karl T Ulrich (Vice Dean of Innovation and the CIBC Professor of Entrepreneurship and e-Commerce at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.)
I have started writing my blog this year and planning to write a book next year .. 🙂
Looking forward a brand new year….