How to become more Productive :7 Essential Tips

  1. Be Organized : Organize each and everything around you. Product, process , people everything.
  2. Write it down: Write down everything. Meeting minutes,plans , To-do lists. Make it as a organized Bible.
  3. Use Apps : You can use some Android or I-phone apps. Evernote, Mindnode and Anydo are the best.You can find many more.
  4. Be Intense and take a short break : Working in a 90 mins cycle with a 10 mins break is effective.
  5. Get rid of Procrastination: Just start doing it now.Once you start it will be finished. Perfection is good but completing the task is more important.
  6. Be Proactive:Develop a mind set of identifying obstacles. Take initiative and participate for the solution
  7. Do Nothing : Sometimes doing nothing is  good  to avoid damage your productivity. Just relax and make doodles. Also it will boss your creativity.